Fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine
  • Model: KQG-500 / 1000-3015-ZG
  • Laser wave length: 1030nm
  • Rated output: 500W / 1000W
  • Axial positioning precision: ≤±0.05mm
  • Table repeat positioning accuracy: ≤±0.03mm
  • Max.carrying capacity: 800kg
  • Max.positioning speed: 100m/min
  • X axis travel distance: 3000mm
  • Y axis travel distance: 1500mm
  • Z axis travel distance: 120mm
  • Product Detail

    Tech Specs



    1) High precision:position accuracy 0.05mm,

    2) Repeat position accuracy precision:0.02mm,

    3) Cutting curf :0.10-0.50mm,

    4) Cutting surface smoothness:kept within Ral 2.5,

    5) Speed:cutting speed can be achieved 4.5mmin,max.

    6) Position speed:10mmin



    1) Key components are imported

    2) Non thermal deformation,any graphic can be processed,cutting pipes and other profile bars is available,

    3) Without mould,using computer programming,it can cut the different shape of products with entire sheet.

    4) Maximizing material utilization,improve the speed of new product development.

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  • Max cutting range



    According to Demands

    Machine Size(Length*Width*Height)



    Accessory Parts(Length*Width*Height)

    Chiller 1*1*1.2m Control Box 1*0.8*1.8m Fiber Module 0.5*0.6*0.14m

    Max Cutting Speed


    Cooling Way

    Water Cooling

    Laser Power

    500W(Option 200W/300W/400W/1000W/2000W)

    Min line width


    Cutting Depth


    Driving and transmission Way

    Imported Servo Motor and Linear Guide Rail

    Power Requirements


    Continuous Working Time


    Related Weight

    Machine Body 2732kg     Trolley 116kg     Computer Cabinet 56kg     Servo Cabinet 75kg  Transformer 77kg     Chiller 93kg     Fiber Module 50kg

    ◆ High conversion efficiency, low power consumption.

    ◆ High cutting speed , rapid punching , which can save 4 to 5 times perforated time than other suppliers’ machine.

    ◆ Laser maintenance without downtime.

    ◆ Cutting process is freely and efficiency and stable performance.

    ◆Gantry structure machine , with high damping bed and high-rigidity , can withstand high speed and acceleration.

    ◆ Automatic nesting software programming ,powerful function.

    ◆ Adopted pallet changer configuration, shorten standby time, so as to improve work efficiency by more than 30% .

    ◆ The machine is with auto partition exhaust system , which ejects smoke efficiency and lower pollution.

    ◆ Small occupation ,integrated system , easy operation and maintenance , which can satisfied the 24 hours manufacturing .

    ◆ Capable of carrying pipe cutting device , good operating performance .

    Sheet metal processing,aviation, aerospace,electronics,electronic appliance,metro accessories,automobile,machinery,high precision part,steamer,metallurgical equipment,elevator,household appliance,crafts and gifts,tool processing,decoration,advertising,metal processing and other manufacturing and processing industries ;

    Applicable for these materials:carbon steel,stainless steel,alloy,titanium alloys,galvanized sheet,pickling plate,aluminum-plating zinc plate,bronze,etc.

    Automatic feeding, PCI card control, Touch-screen control

    Samples show

    fiber laser cutting machine

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