Green laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine

Green laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine
  • Model: KDB-8-UE-532 / KDB-3-UE-355
  • Laser wavelength: 355nm / 532nm
  • Output power: 3W / 5W / 8W / 10W
  • Marking scope: 70×70mm / 110×110mm (optional)
  • Marking speed: ≤7000mm/s
  • Marking line width: ≤0.01mm
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    What is Description of our UV laser marking machine?

    UV laser Mainly used in precision machining of the high-end market, medicine, cosmetics, and other polymer materials packaging surface marking, the effect is quite good, mark clean and firm, is better than that of printing ink and pollution-free.

    Application Industry

    • The flexible PCB marking, scribing.
    • Porous silicon wafers, blind hole processing.
    • LCD glass qr code marking, punching.
    • Metal surface coating glassware surface marking.
    • Plastic buttons, electronics, gifts.
    • Communications equipment, building materials and so on.
    • Ceramics
    • Lens

    What is Features of our UV laser marking machine?

    • UV laser is cold light, no heat effect.
    • 355 uv laser focused spot is very tiny, suitable for very high precision marking.
    • Used in wide applications.
    • High speed galva mirror scanner.
    • Deft design brings good protection for the operator.
    • Easy operation,software supporting AutoCAD, Coreldraw, Photoshop etc.
    • Powerful software Text symbols, graphics, images, bar code, automatic layout and modify the qr code, serial number, etc

    What is Specifications of our UV laser marking machine?

    Model GME-3
    Laser wave length 355nm
    Laser source Semiconductor end-pumped
    Average output power over 3W@30KHZ
    Marking area 70*70mm, 110*110mm
    Marking speed 0-7000mm/s
    Marking depth 0-0.01mm
    Power supply 220V, 50Hz, 1kVA
    Cooling system Air cooling/Water cooling

    Product Photos

    UV laser marking machine photo1

    Work sample

    uv marking .JPG Supor glass marking by UV laser from Keyland laser marking on glass lensPCB marking

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  • Laser wavelength 355nm (UV laser )  , 532nm ( Green laser )
    Average output power 3W / 5W / 8W / 10W
    Marking scope 70x70mm / 110x110mm
    Marking speed 1-7000mm/s
    Marking depth Less than 0.01mm
    Power 220V /50Hz /1 KVA

    ◆Good beam quality, Smaller focused spot, Ultra-fine marking

    ◆Most materials can absorb UV laser, the machines can  apply widely.

    ◆Minimal heat-affected zone, no thermal effect, no material burning issue.

    ◆Fast speed when Marking, high efficiency; non-contact marking process, Permanent marking results.

    ◆Stable performance, compact size, low power consumption.

    ◆User-friendly operation, Good stability.sThe software controlling system is supported output by software such as AutoCAD、CorelDRAW、Photoshop, etc. It can mark  text, symbols, graphics, images, bar codes, two dimensional codes, automatically increased serial numbers and modify automatic edition.

    Application in the area of Electronic components, Electrical appliances, Communication products, Transparent keys, Automotive&motorcycle parts, Instruments, Plastic Shell, Aerospace, Military products, Hardware accessories, Jewelry products, Measuring/cutting tools, Sanitary ware, Stationery, Watches, Glasses, Medicine/food/beverage/cosmetics/pharmaceutical Packaging, Medical Equipment,Solar energy, Gifts etc. The materials include various metals, alloys, metal oxide materials, and some non-metallic materials (silicon, ceramic, plastic, rubber, epoxy resin, ABS, inks, coatings and other surface treatment plating spraying).

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