Online flight marking machine

Online flight marking machine
  • Model: KDB-20-UG
  • Laser wavelength: 1064nm
  • Laser power: 10W / 20W / 30W / 50W / 100W
  • Marking scope: 70×70mm / 110×110mm / 160×160mm
  • Marking speed: ≤7000mm/s
  • Marking depth: 0.05~0.5 mm (according materials)
  • Mini. line width: 0.05mm
  • Mini. character: 0.5mm
  • Cooling way: Forced air
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    Flying laser marking machine function

    fiber laser marking engraving marker engraver .jpg

    use to engraving/ marking/Coding /printing on many type of metal material and some non metallic material with different design text,symbol,pattern,bar code,2D code, serial number, and suitable for online engraving .

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  • Laser type Fiber laser Laser wavelength 1064nm
    Software Ez CAD Mini. line width 0.01mm
    Laser power 10W | 20W | 30W | 50W Mini. character 0.1mm
    Cooling way Forced air cooling Beam Quality less than 1.4
    Marking speed 1-7000mm/s Auto. serialization Supported
    Resolution 4000 DPI Input Power 0.5kw
    Power supply AC 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz Marking depth 0.05~0.5 mm (according materials)
    Marking area 70×70mm , 110×110mm , 160×160mm , 200x200mm ,300x300mm for optional
    Mark content Date coding letter, symbol, pattern, figure, image, bar code, 2D code
    Support format PLT,PCX, AL, DXF, BMP,JPG ,TIF,SHX
    Compatible software AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Photoshop

    ◆ The series of equipment are used imported RF metallic sealed laser or YAG laser,equipped with imported high speed scanning galvanometer system,and equipped with special online fight marking control software,which can meet the online flying ( continuous dynamic ) marking on production line,and mark the permanent text,figures,symbols,and anti-fake automatic coding and series number etc.

    ◆ Automatic marking process , no contacting, no pollution, no consumables, free maintenance, matched with  production can comply continuous mark or stepping mark .

    ◆ The marking result prevents commodities fleeing and anti-fake.

    ◆ Equipment stable performance  with 24 hours continuous operation ability,which can meet the industrial massive production demands.

    ◆ Adapt production line speed ≦230m/min

    Industries: tobacco,pharmaceutical,food and beverage,liquor,health products,electronics,business card printing,handicrafts,building materials,leather,etc.

    Materials: paper,plastic,films,tubes,wire,foil,wood,glass,polymer polymer materials,PVC,PE,PP,PS,PETP,c,PA,ABS,etc.

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